Shuichi Matsumoto (松本 修一 Matsumoto Shūichi) is the personal mechanic for Takumi Fujiwara's AE86 and possibly Chief Mechanic for Project D. He is the driver for Project D's support van #3 during their expeditions. In chapter 39 of the manga, Matsumoto was asked by Ryosuke to tune his FC for his anticipated encounter with Rin Hojo.

Another thing to note about Matsumoto is his close relationship with Ryosuke, as he is often seen talking to Ryosuke about Project D. and Takumi during the latter's races.

Age Unknown (Likely late 20's, early 30's)
Sex Male
Car Nissan 180SX Type S (RPS13)
Japanese voice actor Rintarō Nishi
English voice actor Mike McFarland


  • He made a cameo in 3rd stage, yet his proper debut was in 4th Stage.