Sidewinder (サイドワインダー Saidowaindā) is a highly skilled team that organized the "4 lines of defense". Their home course is the Tsubaki Line, but the nearby Toyo Turnpike may be a part of their home territory (Ryosuke's battle with Rin Hojo was raced there). There are many rumors that they might be the "fourth line" or the last team in Kanagawa that Project D will compete with. In the storyline, this team is trying to analyze Project D's weaknesses. They collect information by watching Project D during their practices and races.

Name Car Section
Go Hojo Honda NSX (NA1) Uphill
Shinji Inui Toyota Sprinter Trueno 2door GT-APEX (AE86) Downhill
Rin Hojo Nissan Skyline GT-R (BNR32) Downhill