The battle between Takeshi Nakazato and Eikichi Shimamura is an anime exclusive battle in Initial D: First Stage.

Prior to the Battle Edit

After an impromptu battle against Ryosuke Takahashi, Nakazato thinks back to the battle that made him get his R32.

During the Battle Edit

Takeshi is annoyed by Shimamura's ability to stay ahead of him, as his technique is better and the R32 isn't drifting. Before a corner, Takeshi manages to overtake the R32, however, he drifts into the guard rail, causing him to crash and lose the race.

After the Battle Edit

Takeshi realizes that he would be unable to beat an R32 with his S13. In the present, he explains that he believes he will be able to beat the Eight-Six because nobody is able to drive past the limits of their car.

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