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The battle between Takumi Fujiwara and Impact Blue is the eleventh battle of Initial D. Is the first battle to take place on a course other than Akina.

Prior to the Battle[]

On Mako's behalf, Iketani asks Takumi to race Mako on Usui. Takumi agrees, but states that he is racing for himself.

During the Battle[]

The race starts in a cat-mouse mode. Takumi is shocked by the speed of Impact Blue and increases his pace as well. Mako and Sayuki observe that Takumi is able to stay behind them. Sayuki thinks that Takumi wouldn't be able to keep up at C-121, however both are shocked when Takumi manages to mirror them throughout the corner and keep up. Mako stops looking back as she realises that she is pressured. However, the race ends after Mako enters a corner too quickly, and spins out, almost causing an accident between the two cars, Takumi successfully passes them but barely manages to dodge them in the process.

After the Battle[]

As both cars return, Itsuki, Iketani and Kenji thought Takumi lost since the SilEighty was in front. But Sayuki told them Takumi won which excites them. Later on, they go to a water park to enjoy the last days of Summer vacation.


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Battle Stage[]

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Special Stage[]