The battle between Takumi Fujiwara and Kai Kogashiwa is the twenty-third battle of Initial D.

Prior to the Battle Edit

After defeating Seiji Iwaki in an unseen battle, Kai targets Takumi after hearing about the defeat of Kyoichi Sudo (his original target) whom Takumi defeated earlier.

During the Battle Edit

Takumi leads the race in the first half. Kai overtakes Takumi at the 33rd corner using a hairpin jump. He pulls further until Takumi emulates his move to get closer. Takumi finds his resolve from Bunta's advice on the pile of leaves on the asphalt allowing him to perform a gutter run on the first bridge. Both cars go neck to neck sending their cars airborne at the second bridge. Kai lands on the leaves and slips out before the goal.

After the Battle Edit

Kai's father's SW20 was undamaged after slipping out and vows to train harder in order to race Takumi again.

Music Edit

Third Stage Edit

Battle Stage Edit

Special Stage Edit

  • Crazy For Love - Dusty
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