The rematch between Takumi Fujiwara and Kai Kogashiwa is the forty-second battle of Initial D.

Prior to the Battle Edit

After his defeat in the previous battle, Omiya Satoshi laments over his loss, explaining that he was honored to fight a real battle. After Go Hojo and Eiji Kubo have a quick discussion about furthering their plan with the data collection team, Kogashiwa and Hideo Minagawa meet up near the Daikanzan Observation Deck. This meet-up is the first time Kogashiwa appears in the season. Takumi returns to the gas station to refuel is car, with Itsuki Takeuchi and the other members of the Akina Speed Stars having waited for him outside. They promptly begin to discuss Project D's second expedition to Kanagawa. After an ominous scene with Ryosuke calling Matsumoto in order to request a "favor" for his FC, Takumi and Mika Uehara are shown at the diner that they frequently meet at. Mika suggests that they go to the beach, which they do after a short scene with the Akina Speed Stars at the gas station. Later, Fujiwara drives Mika back to the diner again, and she leaves. Later, Bunta takes a run on Akina in Takumi's AE86, later noting some of the changes from Project D's modifications. The Akina Speed Stars again show up at the gas station, looking inside Takumi's car and noticing the new modifications that were recently made. Kogashiwa meets up with his team's unnamed mechanic, noting the changes that were made by him. During the conversation, Kogashiwa laments on his last battle with Takumi. After a short scene with Project D looking at Mount Fuji from their temporary cabin's deck, they arrive to the course later on. Bunta soon gets a call from Ken Kogashiwa, with Ken explaining to Bunta how ready Kai is for his rematch. Upon Project D's arrival, Kogashiwa immediately states that he is ready to start, deciding to settle positions via a coin flip. Kai flips a coin from his pocket, which lands on tails, to which he decides to take the chasing position.

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Fifth Stage Edit

  • When The Sun Goes Down - Ken Blast
  • Code:D - Igoda
  • Limousine - Manuel
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