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"The driver. That's the missing variable. I can't dissect him. The monster isn't the car... It's the kid behind the wheel!"
Ryosuke Takahashi

The battle between Takumi Fujiwara and Keisuke Takahashi is the second battle of Initial D. It is also Takumi Fujiwara's first official battle, as well as the first appearance of the gutter run.

Prior to the Battle[]

During one of his tofu runs, Takumi Fujiwara participates in an impromptu race with Keisuke Takahashi of the Akagi RedSuns. Takumi demonstrates his skill by performing an Inertia Drift and overtaking Keisuke, this event leaves Keisuke wanting revenge.

Knowing that the members of his team aren't skilled enough to beat the RedSuns, Koichiro Iketani of the Akina SpeedStars asks for the help of Bunta Fujiwara, the fastest downhill racer on Akina and Takumi's father.

Bunta sends Takumi up to Mt. Akina to beat Keisuke, with the offer that if he wins he gets to use the 86 with a full tank of gas. Kenji is lined up to race against Keisuke, when the 86 is spotted heading up the mountain. After speaking with Iketani and the rest of the SpeedStars, Takumi reveals that he has already beaten Keisuke once before.

During the Battle[]

Keisuke begins the race in the lead and intends to use the straight-aways, however Takumi demonstrates his skill and knowledge of the course by catching up by attacking the corners at a high speed.

Takumi drifting a corner.

Takumi uses a gutter run to overtake.

The cars are inches away from each other as they enter the five hairpin turns. On the third hairpin Takumi initiates a gutter run, allowing him to overtake Keisuke and win.

After the Battle[]

Takumi drives home as the Akina SpeedStars celebrate their victory, whilst the Takahashi Brothers figure out how Takumi was able to overtake. Takumi informs his father of his win and goes on his date with Natsuki Mogi.

Ryosuke Takahashi hears from Keisuke that there was a weird noise when the 86 overtook him. He figures out that Takumi performed a gutter run. Meanwhile, Takeshi Nakazato also knew that Takumi had used the gutters and challenged him to a battle.


First Stage[]

  1. Get Me Power - Mega NRG Man
  2. Running In The 90s - Max Coveri
  3. Heartbeat - Nathalie

Battle Stage[]

  1. This Time - Derreck Simons

Ryosuke Takahashi's Fastest Typing-theory[]

  1. Running In The 90s - Max Coveri

Special Stage[]

  1. Running In The 90s - Max Coveri

Arcade Stage 8 Infinity[]

  1. Raise Up - m.o.v.e

Initial D Legend 1: Awakening[]

  1. Galvanize - the valves
  2. Evolution Theory - Gekko Green
  3. Candle Flames - Backdraft Smiths

New Initial D the Movie Battle Digest[]

  1. 1234 Fire! - Fastway
  2. Surrender My Soul - Lolita

Arcade Stage 8 RivalSide Info[]

Story arc: Fujiwara Tofu Shop

Driver: Takumi Fujiwara

Car: Toyota Trueno GT-APEX (AE86)

Opponent: Keisuke Takahashi

Team: Akagi RedSuns

Car: Mazda RX-7 Type R (FD3S)

Mission: Use the Gutter Run

1-ryu Condition: Perform 2 Gutter Runs

Cho 1-ryu Condition: Perform 5 Gutter Runs

Course: Akina

Rule: Downhill

Start: Standing

Weather: Clear

Time of day: Night