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"Not bad! But after two corners, I won't even see you in my rear-view mirror!"
Keisuke Takahashi

The impromptu battle between Takumi Fujiwara and Keisuke Takahashi is the first battle in Initial D.

Prior to the Battle[]

Keisuke Takahashi and the remaining RedSuns on Mt. Akina decide to head back to Akagi. Keisuke easily leaves his teammates behind, eventually he notices headlights in his rear-view mirror, which he believes belong to a member of his team.

During the Battle[]

"Woah is that an Eight-Six? You're kidding me."

The same scene in Battle Stage

During his delivery run, Takumi catches up to Keisuke, who thinks the Eight-Six is an MR2 or a 180. Takumi attempts to overtake however Keisuke speeds up and they both enter the corner. Keisuke realises he's up against an 86 and becomes annoyed that a car that old is able to keep up with his FD. Takumi keeps up with Keisuke in the corners and eventually overtakes and performs an Inertia Drift. Keisuke oversteers into the corner due to the shock, skidding to a halt.

"N-Nani? Kansei Dorifuto?!"

After the Battle[]

Keisuke decides to get his revenge on the 86, he spends the next few nights up on Mt. Akina hoping to run into him again. He eventually gets his chance when Takumi comes to race for the Akina SpeedStars.


First Stage[]

  1. No One Sleep In Tokyo - Edo Boys

Battle Stage[]

  1. Supersonic Fire - Atrium

Special Stage[]

  1. No One Sleep In Tokyo - Edo Boys

New Initial D the Movie Battle Digest[]

  1. Another Hero - Daniel


  • In the First Stage anime, the scene where Keisuke would says "NANI?! Kansei dorifto?!" (lit. WHAT?! Inertia drift?!) became a meme within the fandom.
  • The events leading up to this battle is different in the Legend trilogy.
    • In the Manga and First Stage Keisuke was returning home after the Akagi RedSuns meet up with Akina SpeedStars on Mt Akina when the battle happened. In Legend 1, this event happens before the meetup, with Koichiro Iketani witnessing the battle.
  • This is the only impromptu battle to be featured in Battle Stage.