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The battle between Takumi Fujiwara and Kenta Nakamura is the thirteenth in the anime battle of Initial D.

Prior to the Battle[]

Keisuke Takahashi had been battling Takeshi Nakazato on Myogi's Uphill, and it had started raining near the end of the battle. Kenta decided to take this opportunity to try and defeat Takumi. Keisuke initially warns Kenta not to battle, but a confident Kenta and an agreement from Ryosuke lets him to battle with Takumi. Since Shingo was also still having injuries from his previous crash with his battle with Takumi, Nakazato approves of their battle to continue.

Takumi then asks Itsuki, who also came along with him to witness Keisuke's battle with Nakazato, to sit on the backseat of the AE86 (for getting better rear tyre grip on the rainy wet roads).

During the Battle[]

Kenta initially takes the lead, having confidence that the 'rain was on his side'. However after a some corners, Kenta was shocked to find his rear view mirror to be shining from Takumi's headlight, who just caught upto him moments later. On despair but not given up, Kenta tries on keep up with the battle. However Takumi keeps up with him and easily overtakes Kenta on the inside, winning the race.

After the Battle[]

Takeshi informs Keisuke that Takumi passed Kenta at the midway point.

Later on, a still confused Itsuki asks the SpeedStars on the gas station why he was asked by Takumi to be seated on the rear seat, to which Kenji mistakenly and humorously intercepts as because Itsuki was too 'annoying' to be kept on the frontseat, while Yuichi, though caught off guard with Kenji's answer, understands the real reason.


First Stage[]

Battle Stage[]

Special Stage[]


In the manga, the Emperor team was revealed right at the end of the battle, as Seiji Iwaki passes Kenta in his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV after the former lost the battle.