The rematch between Takumi Fujiwara and Kyoichi Sudo is the twenty-second battle of Initial D.

Prior to the Battle Edit

Takumi was approached by Ryosuke with an offer to join the new team he is building with Keisuke during his work shift but feels indecisive to the invitation as he feels he needs to have a rematch against Kyoichi after being triggered by a traumatising memory from his unofficial defeat in Akagi in which resulted to engine failure and destroyed his pride as a racer. He challenges him on his home turf at Irohazaka in Nikko. Kyoichi sticks with Simulation 3 in which Takumi finds unfair. He dismissed Takumi's disagreement and proceeds with the race.

During the Battle Edit

Takumi leads the race throughout while Kyoichi analyses what changes had been made during the engine swap. After crossing 2 bridges, Kyoichi attempts to overtake Takumi but he was able to turn the Eight-Six at the 3rd bridge at high speed effortlessly, thwarting Kyoichi's attempt for a counterattack where his victims usually fall prey as he slows down not having the courage to turn at high speed like Takumi did.

After the Battle Edit

Kyoichi recants what he said about the Eight-Six earlier on and gave praise to it after being beaten declaring him the winner. Takumi calls it a tie despite of his victory.

Music Edit

Third Stage Edit

Battle Stage Edit

  • King Of The Night - Thomas T.

Special Stage Edit

  • Mikado - Dave McLoud

Arcade Stage 8 Infinity Edit

  • Your Love Is Like A Medicine - Mega NRG Man
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