The impromptu battle between Takumi Fujiwara and Miki is the twenty-fourth battle of Initial D.

Prior to the Battle Edit

On her way to her job at the gas station (during a shift at Fast Burger in Third Stage), Natsuki is confronted by her ex-boyfriend Miki, who offers her a lift to work, later picking her up after her shift and driving up Akina (in the anime, Miki picks her up after her shift without meeting her beforehand). Miki hits on Mogi continuously, wishing for the two of them to go back to their previous relationship, with Mogi rejecting him. After finding out that Mogi likes Takumi (after she rejects his advances in the anime), Miki speeds up the mountain in a rage, telling Mogi that he wants the two of them to have some privacy, implying that he wishes to assault her. At Lake Akina, Mogi again rejects Miki's advances, after which he slaps her and attempts to assault her. Mogi manages to escape his grasp and calls Takumi's home to try and get him. Takumi arrives home just in time to hear Mogi pleading for him to come to the lake. Miki subdues Mogi and pulls her back into his car.

During the Battle Edit

Takumi hurries to Mogi's rescue. Miki intends to go further down the mountain where he will assault her. As he drives, Miki passes Takumi in the opposite direction. Takumi begins his pursuit of the ST205 in the snowy weather. Miki believes that his car is superior to Takumi's, as his car is a 4WD, which perform best on snow compared to other drivetrains. Miki unsuccessfully tries to lose Takumi and crashes on a guardrail after his steering wheel gets stuck. Natsuki hurries back to Takumi's car.

After the Battle Edit

Whilst driving Natsuki, she admits everything that went on with the Mercedes driver was for money, saying that she regrets ever doing it. Mogi explains that she felt like she was losing part of herself, which is the reason she got her job. After dropping her off at home, Takumi confesses his feelings for Natsuki.

After their graduation, Mogi and Takumi head to Lake Akina and talk about their relationship. Mogi tells Takumi that she doesn't want their relationship to end and asks him to move to Tokyo with her, an offer he declines. Later, Takumi explains to Mogi that he wants to become a professional driver. He then takes her on a downhill run to show her his talent and the reason that he wishes to pursue his dream. Mogi offers to stay in Gunma with him, however he says that he can't let her do that, as she may live to regret it. The two of them drive off into the night, not getting back until much later, implying that they spent the night with each other. The two part on a high note, with Takumi seeing a tearful Mogi off at a train station as she departs for Tokyo.

Music Edit

Third Stage Edit

Battle Stage Edit

Arcade Stage 8 Infinity Edit

  • Prayer - Ducky Chix

Arcade Stage 8 RivalSide Info Edit

Story arc: Akina SpeedStars

Driver: Miki

Car: Toyota Celica GT-FOUR (ST205)

Opponent: Takumi Fujiwara

Team: Unaffiliated

Car: Toyota Trueno GT-APEX (AE86)

Mission: Do not get overtaken by Rival

Course: Akina

Rule: Downhill

Start: Rolling

Weather: Snow

Time of day: Day

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