The battle between Takumi Fujiwara and Nobuhiko Akiyama is the thirty-third battle of Initial D.

Prior to the Battle Edit

Nobuhiko is fully aware that he cannot defeat Takumi, not in skill nor with his large Altezza being at a disadvantage. However, he is convinced to gather as much information on him as possible in order to relay it to his cousin and stop Project.D's advance through Saitama. For this reason, he chooses to follow. On the starting line, Ryosuke mutters words of advice to Takumi.

During the Battle Edit

While Nobuhiko is giving 100% just to barely try and keep up with the 86 while trying to figure out his technique, Takumi is following Ryosuke's advice; he is driving at an incredibly ocious pace, not even revving the engine above 9,000rpm. At the first hairpin, Takumi gets serious and immediately puts Nobuhiko overwhelmingly behind, predictably ending the one-sided showdown.

After the Battle Edit

While Nobuhiko claims that he has failed, he is in fact capable of deducing some of Takumi's technique and forwards it to Wataru, and the both of them successfully hire a professional rally driver to fully counter the threat of the AE86.

Music Edit

Fourth Stage Edit

  • Power Of Sound - Ace

Battle Stage 2 Edit

  • Be The One - Mr. M
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