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The battle between Takumi Fujiwara and Ryosuke Takahashi is the tenth battle of Initial D as well as the final battle of Initial D: First Stage and the penultimate battle of the Legends trilogy.

Prior to the Battle[]

Ryosuke decides to underpower his FC to even the odds with Takumi's techniques. As the upcoming battle came, a lot of spectators and teams who took on Takumi such as Impact Blue and the Myogi NightKids watch the race. At the starting line, Keisuke did the countdown and both cars take off.

During the Battle[]

Takumi leads at first as Ryosuke purposely gives away his position at first, which Keisuke intercepts his technique. At the first corner, both cars drift side by side shocking the spectators, implying Ryosuke was copying Takumi's style of racing. As the race progresses, Takumi's feeling the pressure when Ryosuke tailgates him recognizing why he's the best driver in Gunma.

In the manga and Legend 3, Ryosuke even manages to copy the gutter run, when Takumi tried to use it to get away.

Takumi and Ryosuke slides into the last corner

Same scene in Battle Stage, as Takumi overtakes Ryosuke

As the pressure drags on, he overspeeds the corner causing his drift to be botched allowing Ryosuke to overtake Takumi with the cost of his front tyres to wear down. Unwilling to give up, Takumi results to using the newer version of the gutter run at the five hairpins to get closer to Ryosuke, which shocks the latter one. As Nakazato and Shingo was watching the battle unfold in front of them as the last corner approaches, Takumi takes Ryosuke on the outside, which promptly shocks both Nakazato and Shingo who was hoping Takumi would take the inside for better cornering. As both cars drift, the Eight-Six drifts towards inside and Ryosuke with worn front tyres sliding outwards enabling Takumi to pass him, which leaves an awestruck Nakazato and Shingo witness Takumi becomes the new legend defeating the once legend Ryosuke Takahashi with a new course record.

After the Battle[]

Takumi asked if Ryosuke slowed down for him in the last corner. Ryosuke denied that believing he moved up a notch and his tyres were acting strange. But he didn't use the tyre wear as an excuse and humbly admits he lost fair and square. Takumi humbly admits he doesn't believe himself to be faster than anyone else. Ryosuke told him there is a much bigger world whether he believes in his talent or not. Ryosuke calls him weird and admits he is the fastest he came up against. He then drives off gracious in defeat.


First Stage[]

Battle Stage[]

Ryosuke Takahashi's Fastest Typing-theory[]

  • Beat Of The Rising Sun - Dave Rodgers

Special Stage[]

  • Beat Of The Rising Sun - Dave Rodgers


  • The ending of chapter 6 in Initial D The Arcade features the climax of this battle as a cutscene, albeit the player's vehicle is in place of Ryosuke's. The cutscene always plays, regardless of whether the player defeats Takumi or not.
  • In the First Stage Takumi tries the corner exit oriented gutter run to catch up with Ryosuke, in the manga this technique was first used in the battle between Takumi Fujiwara vs Seiji Iwaki. In the manga and Legend 3, Takumi tries the normal gutter run while in lead, only for Ryosuke to imitate that. Takumi only catches up to Ryosuke using his higher corner exit speed.
  • In the Manga and Legend 3 when the news about Ryosuke being defeated by Takumi came, nobody said anything and people stood silently on top of Mt Akina. Whereas in First Stage, when the news came out, members of Akina SpeedStars and other spectators cried out and celebrated in joy.