The battle between Takumi Fujiwara and Ryosuke Takahashi is an anime-only battle in Initial D. It is the final battle in Initial D: Third Stage.

Prior to the Battle Edit

Takumi requests another race against Ryosuke before deciding to join his new race team. Ryosuke accepts his proposal and Takumi's stipulations were to let Ryosuke lead and he follows. The place he chose was Akagi.

During the Battle Edit

Both drivers showcased each other's skills with every race team spectating. Keisuke reveals to Kenta and Fumihiro that its not a competitive race but a showcase of their own skills.

After the Battle Edit

Takumi and Ryosuke were amazed by each of their improvements. According to Keisuke, it didn't matter who won. As both cars go side by side, Takumi accepts Ryosuke's offer in joining his new team.

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Third Stage Edit

Battle Stage Edit

  • Generation - Dave Simon
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