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The battle between Takumi Fujiwara and Seiji Iwaki is the sixteenth battle of Initial D.

Prior to the Battle[]

Earlier Seiji brushes off Itsuki about the legend of the Eight-Six during their first encounter. After Kyoichi heard about Ryosuke's defeat, they reconsidered racing the Eight-Six before he races Ryosuke. Takeshi Nakazato was defeated by Seiji before they invade Akina. At the starting line, Seiji was ordered by Kyoichi to do Simulation 3 (draft your opponent to exploit their weakness and overtake when your close to the finish line). The race starts in a handicap style where the racer with a less powerful car starts first and then the faster car will follow.

During the Battle[]

Takumi leads at first but also frustrates Seiji to draft the Eight-Six in slow speed. Seiji loses patience and disobeys Kyoichi by overtaking Takumi launching his Evo IV to full power. Takumi can barely keep up after encountering a much faster and powerful car. Seiji unsuccessfully tries to pull away from Takumi and stresses his front tires. Takumi initially tries the normal version of the gutter run with Seiji, but unsuccessfully tries to close the gap. He then remembers the type of gutter technique he tried on his battle with Ryosuke, which helped catching up with Seiji before the final corners. At the final corner, Keisuke, Kenta and Fumihiro was watching the battle unfold. Earlier, the latter two could not imagine a situation where Takumi would win against an Evo IV, but Keisuke kept his hopes high (so that he can be the only one to defeat Takumi later on). As both the cars neared the final corners, Takumi once again used the gutter run, coming next to Seiji's Evo, shocking the RedSuns members spectating what just happened, while Keisuke realized Takumi had already won the match. Seiji looked behind and was perplexed where the Eighty six went, but was shocked to find out the he took inside of the corner. Out of grip from the tyre wear he suffered, Seiji understeers away from the final corner, giving Takumi the lead, hence winning the match.

After the Battle[]

Team Emperor's Gunma sweep came to an end and Kyoichi slaps Seiji for his disobedience. Kyoichi then had to take care of the Eight-Six himself before racing Ryosuke. Takumi in his heart couldn't accept victory and vows not to race in Akina again.


Second Stage[]

Battle Stage[]

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Special Stage[]


In the manga, this was the first time Takumi tries out the exit oriented gutter run. But in the anime, they show Takumi using it first in his battle against Ryosuke.