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The gum tape deathmatch between Takumi Fujiwara and Shingo Shoji is the eighth battle of Initial D.

Prior to the Battle[]

Koichiro Iketani was driving in Akina in his recently repaired S13 when a red Honda Civic approached and bumped him, causing him to get ticked off and attempt outrun, only to get overtaken. Few nights later, after he took Iketani on a ride, the driver arrives to challenge Takumi Fujiwara.

Exclusively to the anime, Itsuki encounters the same red Honda civic, only to be wrecked during his date with Saori. In the hospital, Takumi vowed to accept the challenge to avenge him despite Iketani's dissuasion. In Legend 2, Takumi witnesses as Shingo bumps into Iketani. Shingo agrees to apologize if Takumi wins a gum tape deathmatch against him.

During the Battle[]

At first, Takumi forgets about his handicap and tries to drift as normal, only to realize this mid-turn. However, he manages to recover by using his second hand to pull the steering. Takumi quickly realizes that he can drive faster by steering less (shifting the weight of the car). He too was amazingly able to drift without getting out of line after an incoming car came around a corner. Annoyed by Takumi's proficiency, Shingo then intentionally bumps into Takumi, allowing him to retake the lead. Takumi maintains control despite his panicked state. He is well aware that Shingo did this on purpose, and drives recklessly in fury, even bumping into the guardrail intentionally in order to catch up to him. Soon, he catches up to Shingo, who skids when he thinks that Takumi is trying to bump him as revenge. Takumi takes advantage of this and regains the lead once more by using a gutter run. Nearing the end of the race, Shingo realizes he can't overtake Takumi, so he tries to tie the race by forcing them both to crash. Takumi dodges this and Shingo crashes into the guardrail.

Shingo bumps Takumi (Legend 2)

Takumi regains control after Shingo bumps him (Legend 2)

After the Battle[]

Takumi drives off as usual. Meanwhile, Shingo gets out of his car and inspects the damage that occurred when he crashed. Iketani and Kenji catch up to him and offer to take Shingo to a hospital, which he declines but still insisted in taking him after learning his lesson. Bunta realises Takumi is stepping up a notch being able to push the Eight-Six even faster.


First Stage[]

Battle Stage[]

Ryosuke Takahashi's Fastest Typing-theory []

Special Stage[]


  • In First Stage there was an animation error during the battle which accidentally shows Takumi's hand not being attached to the steering via duct tape. Not to mention another error in First Stage itself when during the scene when a traffic car comes in a corner, the AE86 slides in such a manner that the rear part of the car goes through the guardrail for a split moment.
  • In the Manga and Legend 2, because the battle happened almost immediately after Shingo confronts the Akina SpeedStars and Takumi, there was no spectators around the course to witness the battle. In First Stage however, Shingo and his NightKids team made a huge announcement which got a huge amount of Spectators such as Yuichi, Keisuke, Ryosuke, and Nakazato themselves discussing about the battle.