The battle between Takumi Fujiwara and Wataru Akiyama is the twenty-first battle of Initial D as well as the final battle of Initial D: Second Stage.

Prior to the Battle Edit

Nearly a week after unable to control his newly reborn Eight-Six, Wataru finally found the reason Takumi was unable to use the full power of his new engine. He suggests him to install a high rev tachometer, water pressure and oil temperature gauges to unlock it's full power. After the installation of those important parts, Takumi is ready to accept Wataru's challenge and chose to race at his home turf at Shomaru pass. Wataru chooses to run the race as an endurance race where the leader and chaser switches positions each round. If the chaser overtakes the leader then they will win the race as well as ending it. But if the chaser gives up or falls behind then he will lose. The RedSuns too secretly spectated the race upon hearing the engine's setup complete.

During the Battle Edit

First 2 rounds, Takumi realises how much power his Trueno has and starts to adapt to the new changes faster. After 5 rounds, Takumi attempts to overtake Wataru by coming alongside him, something that he claims is impossible. In his shock, he pauses, allowing Takumi to pass. In Second Stage this is changed to Takumi driving on a mudslide, sending his car airborne.

After the Battle Edit

The Akiyama siblings return to Saitama and Itsuki becomes heartbroken, unable to admit his feelings for Kazumi. Takumi then sees Natsuki working in a part time job. Ryosuke sends an open invite to any racers to be part of his new race team by devising a time trial at Akagi.

Music Edit

Second Stage Edit

  • Gimme The Night - Dave McLoud
  • Make Up Your Mind - Wain L
  • Grand Prix - Mega NRG Man
  • Déjà Vu - Dave Rodgers

Battle Stage Edit

  • Doctor Love - Dr. Love

Fastest Typing in Kanto Project Edit

  • Gimme The Night - Dave McLoud

Special Stage Edit

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