The impromptu battles between Koichiro Iketani/Takumi Fujiwara and the Two Guys From Tokyo is the thirty-first battle of Initial D. It is the last battle in the series to take place on Mt Akina.

Prior to the Battle[edit | edit source]

After Project D's battles with the Todo School, Itsuki finally gets the bolt-on turbo fitted to his AE85. He and Takumi and the rest of the SpeedStars go up to Akina to test it out. As they were going uphill, a car speeds up to them from behind. Takumi initially wonders if that was the same car which he battled just a few days ago. It was then revealed as an S15 Silvia as it overtakes them. At the top of Akina, the Eight-Five Turbo is mocked by two racers that had passed the SpeedStars on their way up the mountain. The two racers park their S15 nearby, waiting to be passed before initiating a battle.

During the Battle[edit | edit source]

Iketani goes first, however he makes Takumi follow behind in the Eight-Five as insurance in case he loses. Takumi observes that Iketani's technique is decent, but his car has less power, putting it at a disadvantage. Iketani is then overtaken on a long straightway after exiting a corner. Takumi soon catches up to the S15, much to the shock of the two racers, who are unaware that the car following them is different. The S15 driver performs a circuit braking technique, but Takumi passes on the inside.

After the Battle[edit | edit source]

They seem to be surprised and at awe at what just happened, then only coming to realize they are crashing at the bank of the road

Music[edit | edit source]

Fourth Stage[edit | edit source]

Battle Stage 2[edit | edit source]

  • Crazy & Ready - Phil
  • Idol - Idol
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