Team 246 Team 246 (チーム246(ツーフォーシックス) Chīmu Tsū Fō Shikksu?), also known as "The 246ers", is a team based in the Kanagawa Prefecture. Racing in Yabitsu , they are direct rivals to Team Sidewinder, another team located in the Shizuoka Prefecture. According to Bunta and Ryosuke, Shizuoka is the center of street (drift) racing, notable for its mountainous regions (Mount Fuji is located there) as well as the Fuji Speedway. Therefore, Shizuoka attracts many racers, amateur and professionals alike.

Name car section
Satoshi Omiya Mazda MX - 5 Roadster (NB8C) Downhill
Kobayakawa Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII GSR (CT9A) Uphill

Team 246 has many members, where representatives for a race are voted by its 31 members. The representative who will race against Keisuke on the uphill: Kobayakawa received 26 out of 31 votes, and races with a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (which Fumihiro has made fun of, as Keisuke is an emerging FD Evo Killer). Takumi will race against 246's leader: Omiya, who unanimously received 31 votes to represent Team 246 on the downhill. He will be driving a heavily modified Mazda Roadster.