Team Spiral's web

Based at Hakone Nanamagari, Team Spiral (チーム・スパイラル, Chīmu Supairaru) is the 3rd line in the "4 lines of defense" strategy formulated by team Sidewinder. Their philosophy is tuning a car to bring out its full potential to fit the characteristics and skills of the driver through heavy modification, which is often misconceived as simply buying the most expensive parts. Unlike R.T. Katagiri, the members of Team Spiral have no professional racing background and have acquired their near professional level skills from racing in the streets. The ranks of Team Spiral are unusual in the fact that Ikeda, while being team leader, is not considered the number 1 driver.

Name Car Section Rank
Ryuji Ikeda Nissan Fairlady Z/350Z (Z33) Uphill Spiral 0
Hiroya Okuyama Nissan Silvia (S15) Downhill Spiral 01
Junichi Sakamoto Unknown Unknown Spiral 02