New project D

The two cars battling each other in the Final Stage ending credits

These two new drivers from Final Stage, billed as The New Generation Project D, consist of a Eunos Roadster SR-Limited (NA8C) and a Honda Civic Type R (EK9).

Other than hailing from the Gunma area, they were never named or actually seen outside of their vehicles as they only appeared in the credits, they were probably meant as replacements for Keisuke Takahashi and Takumi Fujiwara after they left as proven by Ryosuke in the crowds watching them battle each other.

The Eunos Roadster is a 1997 SR-Limited in Sparkle Green Metallic with golden wheels, Mazda side skirts kit, fog lights, black Mazda detachable hardtop, and Garage Vary GT wing. (Plate number: 23-596, classification: 550)

The Honda Civic is a 1999 Type-R in Championship White with black Spoon SW388 wheels, black Spoon carbon mirrors, and a Spoon exhaust on an otherwise unchanged exterior. (Plate number: 61-774, classification: 591)

Trivia Edit

  • This was the last ever battle in Initial D that happened, although it was only seen in the anime credits as they were never seen in the manga.
  • The white Honda Civic Type R is somewhat similar to the one used by Todo School, though that Honda was just a parked car. However, it could suggest that the driver was a former Todo School student.
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