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Not much is known about team Thunder Fire and where their home course is. Their symbol is a lightning bolt with the word Thunder Fire written within it.

First appearance of the stickers in season 1 episode 11

Thunder Fire makes their first appearance in Act 11 of First Stage. There are 3 guys who make fun of Itsuki's Toyota AE85 on top of Akina pass. They drive a Grey/Silver Nissan 180 and Black/Dark Blue Nissan S13. After they leave, Takumi gets furious and chases them down the mountain with Itsuki's car.

Thunder Fire was the first team that was defeated by Team Emperor in the beginning of Second Stage. A purple 180SX driven by one of the members was beaten by Seiji Iwaki's Evo IV, and tore their team sticker in half and stuck upside down on the spoiler. The same car also hit the guardrail midway in Second Stage, which halted the unofficial race between Keisuke and Wataru. Thunder Fire's prominent team members and skill level are unknown, but like the Akina SpeedStars, Thunder Fire may be just a group of friends who race in their leisure time with little knowledge on proper technique.

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Team Thunder Fire is an anime-exclusive team, and therefore are not part of the manga series.

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