The Thunder Soldiers are a team appearing in the Initial D Drama CD: Kuroi Inazuma.

They are led by Eikichi Shimamura and only known to drive R32 GT-Rs. They hail from Hakone, just like the Racing Team Katagiri Street Version.

When Impact Blue finally convince Nakazato and Shingo to come with them so that Nakazato can finally take his revenge on the White R32, they went to Hakone and spotted a pack of R32 Skylines. Sayuki said that their name is lame.

When Nakazato finally confronts Shimamura, he and the entire team start to insult him with Shingo, Mako and Sayuki. In retaliation, Sayuki calls them toddlers, pissing him and the entire team off. After the race where Shimamura lost, the entire team expresses disappointment in Shimamura.

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