Tokyopop is an American company that distribute, licence and publish manga in English. They were the first company in the United States to maintain the original right-to-left format in all of their manga releases.

Tokyopop gained the rights to translate and publish the Initial D series in 2002.

Manga Edit

Tokyopop released 33 volumes of the Initial D manga from 2002 to 2009 when Kondansha let their license with the company expire. These version of Volume 1-33 were used in the ComiXology release of the manga.

Anime Edit

Tokyopop created and released dubs of First, Second and Extra Stage. They had created a dub of Third Stage and had reportedly screened it at the Big Apple Anime Fest in 2003, however it has never been released.

Cast Edit

Voice Actor Character
Dave Wittenberg Takumi Fujiwara
Crispin Freeman Koichiro Iketani
Robbie Rist Itsuki Takeuchi
Jason Spisak Kenji
Bridget Hoffman Mako Sato
Kat Cressida Natsuki Mogi
Kate Higgins Sayuki
Kerrigan Mahan Bunta Fujiwara
Lex Lang Ryosuke Takahashi
Michael McConnohie Yuichi Tachibana
Steve Blum Keisuke Takahashi
Wally Wingert Takeshi Nakazato
Quinton Flynn Shingo Shoji
Colleen O'Shaughnessey Saori
Kazumi Akiyama (Second Stage 11-13)
David Rasner Kenta Nakamura
Michael Lindsay Miki
Wataru Akiyama
Neil Kaplan Keiichi Tsuchiya
Grant George Seiji Iwaki
Richard Cansino Kyoichi Sudo
Melissa Fahn Kazumi Akiyama (Second Stage 7-10)
Kirk Thornton Masashi Suzuki

Localisation Differences Edit

When bringing Initial D to the west Tokyopop made many changes to the series to widen its appeal, these include:

Name Changes Edit

A majority of the characters were given nicknames that were used instead of their names, with a couple of characters having their names completely changed. These name changes were present in the manga, anime and any localised games.

Original Japanese Name Tokyopop Name
Takumi Fujiwara Tak
Itsuki Takeuchi Iggy
Koichiro Iketani Cole
Natsuki Mogi Natalie
Keisuke Takahashi K.T
Ryosuke Takahashi Ry
Takeshi Nakazato Zack
Mako Sato Maya
Sayuki Simone
Kenta Nakamura Kent

Danny (in Arcade Stage 1-3)

Seiji Iwaki Hawk
Kyoichi Sudo Kyle
Kazumi Akiyama Carrie
Wataru Akiyama Aki
Atsuro Kawai Junro Kawai
Toru Suetsugu Tohru Matsushi
Daiki Ninomiya Dice
Tomoyuki Tachi Touch
Kyoko Iwase Kylie
Nobuhiko Akiyama Nobu
Sakamoto Sid

Censoring Edit

As Tokyopop were trying to target Initial D to a younger audience than it was originally intended to be for, they had to censor several scenes. Scenes between Natsuki Mogi and her Papa were removed, as well as any scenes containing nudity.

Soundtrack Edit

The eurobeat soundtrack present in the original Japanese version was removed, instead being replaced with a rap and hip hop created by Stu Levy, Tokyopop's CEO, under the name "DJ Milky". However, their unreleased version of Third Stage would maintain the eurobeat featured in the Japanese version.

Translation Edit

Tokyopop's translation of Initial D had street slang added to it to make it appeal to younger audiences. Their translation also featured many errors when it came to car terminology. One example of this are the extra chapters Waste Gate and Waste Gate 2 (Featured in volumes 30 and 33) which were both mistranslated as "West Gate".

Visual Edits Edit

Tokyopop made several edits to the anime, adding effects or cuts that were not present in the original version.

Merchandise Edit

Tokyopop made a deal with Jada Toys to create a line of licensed diecast cars and action figures based on the Initial D property. Toys included in the line are 1/64 scale models of the vehicles from the series and 1:24 scale vehicles including the AE86 driven by Tak. The models even came with figures of the characters.

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