Tsukamoto's Nissan 180SX Type II (RPS13), known simply as the 180, is the signature vehicle of amateur racer Tsukamoto.

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A few days after Emperor's defeat on Akina, Takumi Fujiwara and Natsuki Mogi are spotted by Tsukamoto, the chairman of the soccer club they were in when he was a senior. The three of them catch up, and Tsukamoto admits he's a racer on Akagi pass, and that he is part of an unnamed team. Tsukamoto invites Takumi and Mogi up to Akagi to see him drive. Tsukamoto attempts to show off to the two of them on the uphill, however his terrible driving frightens Takumi and makes Mogi car sick. Mogi and Takumi request that Takumi drives the car downhill, as Mogi says that she'll vomit if Tsukamoto drives (although he is unaware of this). On the way downhill they are passed by a couple that had been rude to Mogi earlier, and Mogi asks Takumi to race against them. Takumi easily catches up to the couple and overtakes them, with his technique making Tsukamoto faint.

Tsukamoto would later crash his 180 into a guardrail on Akagi's downhill, with this crash causing the battle between Keisuke Takahashi and Wataru Akiyama to end prematurely.

Specs Edit

The car is a Nissan 180SX Type II, chassis code RPS13. It is painted in Super Red. In Special Stage, it is depicted as a 180SX Type X.

Custom Parts Edit

  • Nissan Chuki 180SX bumper
  • Enkei RP02 wheels

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