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Volume 01 of the Initial D manga was released on the 6th of November 1995. This volume was adapted into the first three episodes of Initial D: First Stage, the first anime adaptation of the series.


Manga Titles are listed as such: Translated Name (Japanese Kanji, Romanji), Kodansha USA Title
  • 001. "Let's Buy an Eight-Six" (ハチロク買おーぜ "Hachi Roku Kaōze"), The Eight-Six
  • 002. "The Fastest!! The Rotary Brothers" (最速!! ロータリー・ブラザーズ "Saisoku!! Rōtarī Burazāzu!!"), Kings of the Rotary Engine
  • 003. "The Ultimate Tofu Store Drift" (究極のとうふ屋ドリフト "Kyūkyoku no Tōfu Ya Dorifuto"), Tofu Drifting
  • 004. "Iketani's Touching Determination!!" (池谷の悲壮な決意!! "Iketani no Hisō na Ketsui!!"), Cole's Ill-Fated Decision
  • 005. "Declaration of Revenge!! Roaring 13B Turbo!" (リベンジ宣言!! 吠える13Bターボ "Ribenji Sengen!! Hoeru 13B Tābo"), The Turbo's Roar for Revenge
  • 006. "Natsuki's Secret..!?" (なつきの秘密・・!? "Natsuki no Himitsu..!?"), Natalie's Secret
  • 007. "Oh no! Iketani Crashes" (無残! 池谷クラッシュ!! "Muzan! Iketani Kurasshu!!"), The Horrible Cole Crash
  • 008. "The Battle Begins" (交流戦突入!! "Kōryū sen Totsunyū!!"), Into The Fire
  • 009. "Hear!! The Roar of the 4A-G!" (聞け!! 4A-Gの雄叫びを "Kike!! 4A-G no Otakebi wo"), Let Those 4A-G Engines Roar!
  • 010. "Downhill Specialist" (ダウンヒルスペシャリスト "Daunhiru Supesharisuto"), The Downhill Racing Specialist

Localisation Differences[]

  • Tokyopop originally released a copy of this volume with the original Japanese character names, they would later reprint this volume with their new names.