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Volume 02 of the Initial D manga was released on the 6th of February 1996. This volume was adapted into episodes 4-8 of Initial D: First Stage, the first anime adaptation of the series.


Manga Titles are listed as such: Translated Name (Japanese Kanji, Romanji), Kodansha USA Title
  • 011. "Takumi!! Lightning Speed!" (拓海!!電光石火 "Takumi!! Denkōsekka"), Akina's Phantom Unmasked!
  • 012. "Dogfight!" (ドッグファイト "Doggufaito"), Veteran vs. Rookie
  • 013. "Conclusion!! Takumi's Special Technique!" (決着!!拓海の得意技 "Ketchaku!! Takumi no Tokui Waza"), Tak's Special Finishing Move
  • 014. "The Ocean is So Big and Wide" (海は広いね大きいね "Umi ha Hiroi ne Ōkī ne"), A Trip to the Beach
  • 015. "Showdown at the Peak!!" (頂上対決!! "Chōjō Taiketsu!!"), Showdown at the Summit
  • 016. "Iketani's Valuable Experience" (池谷の貴重な体験 "Iketani no Kichō na Taiken"), Cole's Ride to Remember
  • 017. "A New Challenger!!" (新たなる挑戦者!! "Arata Naru Chōsen Sha!!"), A New Challenger
  • 018. "Takumi's Pride" (拓海のプライド "Takumi no Puraido"), Tak's Pride
  • 019. "I'm Not Afraid of No GT-R!!" (オレはGT-Rなんざ怖くねぇ "Ore ha GT-R Nanza Kowaku nē"), I Ain't Afraid of No Stinkin' GT-R
  • 020. "Give the Eight-Six Back, You Stupid Old Man!!" (バカおやじハチロク返せ!! "Baka Oyaji Hachi Roku Kaese!!"), Stupid Old Man, Where's the Eight-Six?
  • 021. "The GT-R's Weak Spot" (GT-Rの弱点 "GT-R no Jakuten"), The GT-R's Weakness

Localisation Differences[]

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