Volume 04 of the Initial D manga was released on the 6th of August 1996.

Chapters[edit | edit source]

Manga Titles are listed as such: Translated Name (Japanese Kanji, Romanji), Tokyopop Title
  • 033. "Evolutionary Genius!" (進化する天才!! "Shinka Suru Tensai!!"), An Evolving Genius
  • 034. "Panicking Shingo!" (慎吾のあせり "Shingo no Aseri"), Patience, Shingo, Patience
  • 035. "Counter Attack! Art of Downhill!" (反撃!!ダウンヒルの真髄 "Hangeki!! Daunhiru no Shinzui"), A Counterattack to Remember
  • 036. "The Real Downhill!" (究極のダウンヒラー "Kyūkyoku no Daunhirā"), King of the Mountain
  • 037. "Takumi is confused again!" (そして拓海はまたボケる "Soshite Takumi ha Mata Bokeru"), The Slow Ride Home
  • 038. "Nonchalant, Bunta's Potential!" (さりげなく 文太の底力!! "Sarigenaku Bunta no Sokojikara!!"), The Secret Lives of Racers
  • 039. "White Comet! Ryosuke Takahashi's Start!" (白い彗星!!高橋涼介始動 "Shiroi Suisei!! Takahashi Ryōsuke Shidō"), Ry Takahashi, The White Comet
  • 040. "Surprise Tuning!" (意外なチューニング "Igai na Chūningu"), An Unexpected Victory
  • 041. "Nervous! Takumi is an Idiot Around Girls!" (イライラするぜ拓海の女ボケ "Iraira Suru ze Takumi no Onna Boke"), Girls and Cars Only Mix on the Covers of Magazines
  • 042. "The Night Before the Rival Competition!" (ライバル達の前夜祭!! "Raibaru Tachi no Zenyasai!!"), On the Eve of Battle
  • 043. "Forward, Takumi! Time of Fate!" (拓海発進運命の瞬間(とき)!! "Takumi Hasshin Unmei no Toki!!"), Tak at the Crossroads of Destiny

Localisation Differences[edit | edit source]

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