Volume 48 of the Initial D manga was released on the 6th of November 2013. It is the final volume of the manga.

Chapters Edit

  • 709. Against The Wall (Part 2) (絶体絶命(後編) "Zettaizetsumei (Kōhen)")
  • 710. Abyss of Despair (絶望の淵 "Zetsubō no fuchi")
  • 711. Abyss of Despair (Part 2) (絶望の淵(後編) "Zetsubō no fuchi (Kōhen)")
  • 712. On The Brink (土俵際 "Dohyōgiwa")
  • 713. On The Brink (Part 2) (土俵際(後編) "Dohyōgiwa (Kōhen)")
  • 714. Final Corner (最終コーナー "Saishū kōnā"
  • 715. Final Corner (Part 2) (最終コーナー(後編) "Saishū kōnā (Kōhen)"
  • 716. The Glorious Finish (栄光のゴール "Eikō no gōru")
  • 717. The Glorious Finish (Part 2) (栄光のゴール(後編) "Eikō no gōru (Kōhen)")
  • 718. The Wrap Party (解散式 "Kaisan shiki")
  • 719. Dreams (DREAM (夢) "DREAM (yume)")
  • Extra: Beyond Impact Blue (番外編 インパクトブルーの彼方に "Bangai-hen inpakutoburū no kanata ni")
  • Extra: Beyond Impact Blue (Part 2) (番外編 インパクトブルーの彼方に(後編) "Bangai-hen inpakutoburū no kanata ni (Kōhen)")
  • Extra: Takumi Gaiden (番外編 拓海外伝 "Bangai-hen Takumi Gaiden")

Localisation Differences Edit

  • To be added
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