Yuichi Tachibana (立花 祐一 Tachibana Yūichi, "Boss") is the boss of the gas station that Takumi and his friends worked in. An old friend of Bunta's and a racer in his youth, Yuichi acts like a father figure to the Akina Speed Stars.

His 1994 Toyota Camry (V40) appears in the first episode of the Initial D First Stage while Takumi (assumed to be Bunta by Yuichi) passes Yuichi on a downhill run in Akina.

In Fifth stage, Yuichi is not present. Later, He is here in Final stage.

Profile Edit

  • His secret : He was not a good driver, and he was never fast.
  • Like : The young generation of racers
  • Dislike : The SUV fad, being called "Grease Monkey"